Brahmagiri Peak is located in the Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary in Wayanad district of Kerala. The peak is 1608 meters above sea level and is a popular trekking destination in Kerala. The trek to Brahmagiri peak is an exhilarating experience that takes you through dense forests, lush green meadows, and picturesque landscapes. Here is a detailed trek itinerary along with essential trekking information, fitness and training tips, safety tips, things to carry, costs, etc. for the Brahmagiri Trek in Kerala.

Trekking Information:

Location: Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, Wayanad district, Kerala Trek Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult Altitude: 1608 meters above sea level Trek Distance: 9 km (one way) Best time to visit: October to February

Trek Itinerary:

Day 1:

  • Arrive in Wayanad and proceed to the trek starting point at Thirunelli Temple.
  • Begin the trek to Brahmagiri peak early in the morning (around 6:00 am).
  • The initial trek trail is through dense forests and steep slopes.
  • After trekking for about 5 km, reach the grasslands and meadows which offer breathtaking views of the surroundings.
  • Pitch tents at the campsite and enjoy the beautiful sunset.
  • Have dinner and rest for the night.
Brahmagiri Trek

Day 2:

  • Wake up early to catch the sunrise and have breakfast.
  • Start trekking to the Brahmagiri peak, which is about 4 km from the campsite.
  • The trail to the peak is steep and requires a moderate level of fitness.
  • On reaching the summit, enjoy the panoramic view of the surrounding hills, valleys, and forests.
  • Descend back to the campsite and have lunch.
  • Start trekking back to Thirunelli Temple and reach there by late evening.

Fitness and Training Tips:

  • The Brahmagiri trek is a moderate to difficult trek and requires a good level of physical fitness.
  • It is advisable to start with basic cardio and strength training exercises at least a month before the trek.
  • Practice trekking on inclined surfaces to get accustomed to the terrain.
  • Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water during the trek.

Safety Tips:

  • Trek with a trained guide and a group of fellow trekkers.
  • Carry enough water and energy bars to keep you hydrated and energized throughout the trek.
  • Wear sturdy trekking shoes with good grip to avoid slipping on the rocky terrain.
  • Carry a first-aid kit with essential medicines and bandages.
  • Avoid trekking during monsoons and stick to the designated trekking trails.

Things to Carry:

  • Sturdy trekking shoes with good grip
  • Comfortable trekking clothes
  • Warm clothes for the night
  • Backpack with rain cover
  • Water bottles
  • Energy bars and snacks
  • First-aid kit
  • Sunscreen lotion and sunglasses
  • Insect repellent
  • Personal toiletries


The cost of the Brahmagiri Trek varies depending on the trek operator and the package chosen. The cost usually includes transportation, accommodation, meals, and trekking guide fees. The cost can range from INR 3000 to INR 5000 per person.

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