Palakkayam Thattu is a popular trekking destination in the district of Kannur, Kerala. The trek offers a panoramic view of the Western Ghats, lush green hills, and sprawling tea plantations. The trek is a relatively easy one, making it suitable for beginners and families with children.

Trekking Information:

Location: Kannur district, Kerala Trek Difficulty: Easy Trek Duration: 2-3 hours Trek Distance: 3-4 kilometers (round trip) Starting Point: Palakkayam Thattu View Point

Trek Itinerary:

Day 1:

6:00 am – Start from Kannur to Palakkayam Thattu View Point (23 km, 45 minutes drive) 6:45 am – Reach Palakkayam Thattu View Point, start trekking 8:00 am – Reach the summit of Palakkayam Thattu 9:00 am – Start descent 10:00 am – Return to Palakkayam Thattu View Point 10:30 am – Depart to Kannur 11:30 am – Arrive at Kannur

Fitness and Training Tips:

Palakkayam Thattu is an easy trek, but it’s always good to prepare yourself physically before embarking on a trek. Here are some tips to help you prepare:

  1. Start with simple exercises like walking, jogging, or cycling to build stamina.
  2. Do some stretching exercises to avoid any muscle cramps or strains.
  3. Practice climbing stairs to strengthen your leg muscles.
  4. Stay hydrated and eat a balanced diet to maintain your energy levels.
Palakkayam Thattu Trek

Safety Tips:

  1. Wear comfortable and sturdy trekking shoes with good grip.
  2. Carry enough water and snacks to keep yourself hydrated and energized.
  3. Do not litter the trail and maintain the cleanliness of the area.
  4. Follow the trekking guidelines and stay on the marked trail.

Things to Carry:

  1. Comfortable and sturdy trekking shoes
  2. Sunscreen and sunglasses
  3. Hat or cap to protect from the sun
  4. Water bottles and snacks
  5. Backpack to carry essentials
  6. First aid kit


The cost of the trek depends on various factors like transportation, guide fees, and equipment rental. Generally, the cost of the trek ranges between INR 500 to INR 1000 per person.

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