Situated on the scenic Seward Highway in Portage, Alaska, the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center (AWCC) stands as a testament to the dedication and passion for preserving Alaska’s diverse wildlife. This sanctuary provides a haven for orphaned and injured animals, offering them a safe and nurturing environment while educating visitors about the importance of conservation.

Wildlife Rehabilitation

A Second Chance at Freedom

The AWCC specializes in the rehabilitation and care of injured or orphaned Alaskan wildlife. From grizzly bears to moose calves, the center provides expert veterinary care and rehabilitation programs, with the ultimate goal of releasing these animals back into the wild.

Animal Ambassadors

Connecting Humans with Wildlife

The AWCC is home to a variety of animal ambassadors, each with its own unique story and role in conservation education. These ambassadors, which include bears, wolves, and eagles, serve as living examples of Alaska’s rich and diverse wildlife.

Educational Programs

Inspiring Conservation Advocates

The center offers educational programs and presentations designed to engage visitors of all ages. Knowledgeable staff members provide insights into the behavior, habitat, and challenges faced by Alaska’s native wildlife, fostering a greater appreciation for their natural heritage.

Scenic Wildlife Viewing

Observing Alaska’s Finest

The AWCC provides expansive habitats that closely mimic the natural environments of the animals. This allows visitors to observe the wildlife in a setting that closely resembles their natural habitats, offering a unique and educational experience.

Conservation Initiatives

Supporting Wildlife Preservation

The AWCC actively supports and participates in conservation efforts across Alaska. This includes research programs, habitat preservation, and partnerships with other organizations working to protect the state’s wildlife and ecosystems.

Photography Opportunities

Capturing Alaska’s Wild Side

For photography enthusiasts, the AWCC offers a wealth of opportunities to capture stunning images of Alaskan wildlife. The expansive habitats and natural surroundings provide a picturesque backdrop for capturing the beauty and majesty of these creatures.

The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center offers a remarkable opportunity to witness and learn about the wildlife of the Last Frontier. Whether you’re observing bears roaming their habitats or engaging with educational programs, the center provides a meaningful and memorable experience that inspires a deeper connection to Alaska’s wild heritage.

Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

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