Baghmara Tyisam Festival is a vibrant and culturally significant event celebrated in Baghmara, Meghalaya. This festival showcases the rich cultural heritage of the Garo community and brings the locals together in a joyous celebration. It is a time of merriment, music, dance, and various traditional activities.

The festival is typically held during the month of February and lasts for several days. It is marked by colorful processions, cultural performances, traditional sports, and delicious local cuisine. The entire town comes alive with vibrant decorations, traditional attire, and the rhythmic beats of traditional musical instruments.

Baghmara Tyisam Festival

During Baghmara Tyisam Festival, visitors can witness the unique traditional dances of the Garo community. The performances include the Wangala Dance, a traditional harvest dance, and the Chi Megong, a rhythmic dance accompanied by songs and chants. These performances showcase the cultural identity and artistic talents of the Garo people.

The festival also offers an opportunity to taste authentic Garo cuisine. Traditional dishes like Nakham Bitchi (fermented fish curry), Dikkam Bitchi (pork curry), and Chapa Ponga (banana flower curry) are prepared and shared among the community and visitors. The flavorsome dishes provide a glimpse into the culinary traditions of the Garo culture.

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