Dochula Druk Wangyal Chortens, located in the Dochula Pass, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bhutan. The pass, situated at an altitude of 3,140 meters, offers breathtaking views of the Himalayan mountain range and is also home to 108 chortens built in honor of Bhutanese soldiers who died fighting insurgents from India in 2003.

As a visiting tourist, there are several reasons why you should add a visit to Dochula Druk Wangyal Chortens to your itinerary:

Dochula Druk Wangyal Chortens
  1. Scenic beauty: The Dochula Pass offers panoramic views of the Himalayan mountain range, making it a popular spot for photographers and nature enthusiasts. The area is surrounded by lush green forests and is home to a variety of wildlife, including macaques, barking deer, and Himalayan black bears.
  2. Cultural significance: The 108 chortens that dot the pass are not only a symbol of Bhutanese culture but also pay tribute to the brave soldiers who fought and died for their country. Each chorten is beautifully adorned with intricate carvings and colorful prayer flags, making it a must-visit destination for those interested in Bhutanese culture and history.
  3. Religious significance: The chortens are not just decorative, but also serve as a place of worship for the locals. Visitors can see people offering prayers and lighting butter lamps at the base of the chortens, creating a serene and peaceful atmosphere.
  4. Outdoor activities: The Dochula Pass is also a popular destination for hiking and trekking enthusiasts. The surrounding hills offer a variety of trails, ranging from easy walks to challenging hikes, and provide an excellent opportunity to explore the beautiful natural surroundings.
  5. Local cuisine: The area around the Dochula Pass is also home to several local restaurants that serve traditional Bhutanese cuisine. Visitors can sample local delicacies like Ema Datshi (chilies and cheese), Phaksha Paa (pork curry), and Jasha Maroo (spicy chicken).

Conclusion || Dochula Druk Wangyal Chortens

In conclusion, a visit to Dochula Druk Wangyal Chortens is a must for any tourist visiting Bhutan. The stunning natural beauty, cultural significance, and outdoor activities make it a perfect destination for travelers of all interests. Don’t forget to bring your camera and hiking boots!

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