Mongar Dzong is an impressive fortress located in the eastern region of Bhutan. The dzong is perched on a hilltop, overlooking the town of Mongar, and is one of the newer dzongs in the country. Built in the 1930s, Mongar Dzong is a testimony to the Bhutanese architectural style and is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Bhutan.

The dzong was built by the third king of Bhutan, Jigme Dorji Wangchuck, to replace an earlier fortress that had been destroyed by fire. The construction of the dzong took nearly a decade and was completed in 1953. The dzong serves as the administrative center for the Mongar district and is also home to a monastic community.

One of the unique features of Mongar Dzong is its location. Unlike most other dzongs in Bhutan, which are built on flat land, Mongar Dzong is perched on a steep hilltop. The dzong is accessible only by a steep stone staircase that leads up to the entrance gate. Once inside the dzong, visitors are greeted by a large courtyard, surrounded by administrative offices, living quarters for the monastic community, and a temple.

Mongar Dzong

The main temple inside the dzong is dedicated to the Buddhist deity, Mahakala. The temple is adorned with beautiful murals and statues, and visitors can witness the daily prayers and rituals performed by the monks. Another highlight of the dzong is the stunning view it offers of the surrounding valley and the distant mountains. The view is particularly beautiful at sunset when the sun bathes the valley in a warm, golden glow.

Visitors to Mongar Dzong can also explore the town of Mongar, which is known for its lively markets and traditional Bhutanese architecture. The town is situated on a hillside, and visitors can enjoy a scenic stroll through the town’s winding streets, lined with shops selling local handicrafts, fresh produce, and other goods.

Overall, Mongar Dzong is a fascinating destination that offers visitors a glimpse into Bhutan’s rich history and culture. The stunning location, beautiful architecture, and peaceful surroundings make it an ideal destination for anyone looking to experience the beauty and tranquility of Bhutan.

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