The Hôtel de Caumont is a magnificent 18th-century mansion that has been transformed into a prestigious art center in Aix-en-Provence. This architectural gem showcases the elegance and grandeur of the Rococo style, making it a significant cultural landmark in the city. click here

The Hôtel de Caumont – Centre d’Art hosts temporary art exhibitions, featuring works by renowned artists from various periods and artistic movements. The exhibitions encompass a wide range of artistic disciplines, including painting, sculpture, photography, and installations. Visitors can immerse themselves in the world of art and appreciate the masterpieces on display in the opulent rooms of the mansion.

Beyond the art exhibitions, the Hôtel de Caumont offers visitors the opportunity to explore the stunning interior of the mansion. The intricately decorated salons, elaborate ceiling paintings, and lavish furnishings transport visitors to a bygone era of luxury and refinement.

The center also features a charming café and a bookstore, where visitors can relax, enjoy refreshments, and find art-related publications and souvenirs.

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