The Jean Tinguely Fountain, also known as the Tinguely-Brunnen, is a captivating kinetic sculpture located in Theaterplatz, right in the heart of Basel’s city center. Created by the Swiss artist Jean Tinguely, the fountain is a playful and interactive work of art that has become an iconic symbol of Basel.

The fountain features a series of moving mechanical sculptures, each with its own unique movements and sounds. Water flows through the artwork, powering the various mechanical parts and creating a dynamic display of motion and water effects. The playful nature of the fountain encourages visitors to interact with the sculptures and enjoy the whimsical performances.

The Tinguely Fountain is a popular spot for both locals and tourists, especially during the summer months when the water jets and moving sculptures offer a refreshing and entertaining spectacle. Its central location near other attractions, such as the Basel Theater and the Barfüsserplatz, makes it a natural gathering place and a great spot to sit and people-watch.

The Tinguely Fountain is not only an artistic masterpiece but also a tribute to the innovative spirit of Basel, a city that values creativity and artistic expression. It is a must-see attraction for anyone visiting Basel, offering a delightful and memorable experience that captures the essence of kinetic art.

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