Jungfraujoch, often referred to as the “Top of Europe,” is a breathtaking mountain pass located in the Bernese Alps near Interlaken, Switzerland. It stands at an impressive elevation of 3,466 meters (11,371 feet) above sea level, making it one of the highest points accessible by train in Europe. To reach this awe-inspiring destination, visitors embark on an unforgettable train journey through the Jungfrau Railway, which takes them through stunning landscapes and up to the summit.

Once at Jungfraujoch, visitors can experience the majesty of the surrounding Aletsch Glacier, the longest glacier in the Alps, and enjoy panoramic views of the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau peaks. There are several attractions at the top, including the Ice Palace, where visitors can explore intricate ice sculptures, and the Sphinx Observatory, which offers 360-degree views of the Swiss Alps.

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