The Kunstmuseum Basel, or Basel Art Museum, is one of Switzerland’s most prestigious art institutions and a major cultural attraction in the city of Basel. Established in 1661, it is one of the oldest public art museums in the world and houses an impressive collection of artwork spanning from the 15th century to contemporary art.

The museum’s vast collection includes works by renowned artists such as Hans Holbein the Younger, Rembrandt, Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, and Andy Warhol. It encompasses paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, and photographs, providing visitors with a comprehensive overview of the evolution of art through the ages.

Kunstmuseum Basel is divided into three locations: the main building, the Neubau, and the Gegenwart (Contemporary) building. The main building, located in the heart of the city, displays the historical collection, while the Neubau houses temporary exhibitions. The Gegenwart building exhibits contemporary art and experimental works by contemporary artists.

The museum’s commitment to art education and public engagement makes it an essential destination for art enthusiasts and those seeking cultural enrichment in Basel.

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