The Maldives is a nation surrounded by the ocean, so it’s no surprise that seafood plays a major role in its cuisine. With a vast array of marine life available, seafood is an essential part of the local diet and a must-try for any visitor to the islands.

One of the most popular seafood dishes in the Maldives is fish curry, which is made by simmering fresh fish in a rich and fragrant coconut-based sauce. The fish used in the curry can vary depending on the region and the catch of the day, but common choices include tuna, mahi-mahi, and snapper.

Another classic Maldivian seafood dish is mas huni, a salad made with smoked tuna, grated coconut, onions, and chili. It’s typically served for breakfast with roshi, a type of flatbread, and is a hearty and satisfying way to start the day.

Grilled fish is also a favorite among locals and tourists alike, and there are numerous beachside restaurants and cafes where you can savor the fresh catch of the day, grilled to perfection and served with a side of rice and vegetables.

Seafood in the Maldives

For those with a taste for something a bit more exotic, Maldives is also known for its seafood delicacies, such as masroshi, which is a pastry filled with fish, coconut, and spices, and kulhi boakibaa, a savory cake made with tuna, coconut, and rice flour.

While seafood is abundant in the Maldives, it’s important to be mindful of sustainable fishing practices and choose restaurants and suppliers that source their seafood responsibly. This not only helps to protect the environment but also supports the local fishing communities that rely on the ocean for their livelihoods.

In addition to enjoying seafood in restaurants, visitors can also get a firsthand look at how the Maldives’ fishing industry operates by taking part in activities such as fishing trips and island visits where they can witness the traditional techniques used by local fishermen.

Conclusion || Seafood in the Maldives

Overall, seafood is an integral part of Maldivian cuisine, and visitors to the islands are sure to be impressed by the variety and quality of seafood dishes available. From spicy curries to grilled fish and unique delicacies, there’s something to suit every taste and preference.

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