The Merian Gärten, or Merian Gardens, is a collection of three botanical gardens located in Basel. Named after the renowned Swiss naturalist and artist Maria Sibylla Merian, the gardens are a peaceful oasis of nature and biodiversity in the city.

The three gardens that make up the Merian Gärten are the Botanischer Garten Brüglingen, the Merian Park, and the Rosengarten im Merian Park. Each garden has its unique charm and features a wide variety of plants, flowers, and landscapes.

The Botanischer Garten Brüglingen is the main botanical garden and serves as a research and educational facility. It boasts a diverse collection of plants from around the world, including rare and endangered species.

The Merian Park is a picturesque landscape garden that offers beautiful walking paths, water features, and sculptures. It is a favorite spot for leisurely strolls and picnics.

The Rosengarten im Merian Park is a delightful rose garden featuring numerous rose varieties in vibrant colors and intoxicating scents. It is especially enchanting during the blooming season in spring and summer.

The Merian Gärten are not only a haven for nature lovers and botany enthusiasts but also a source of inspiration for artists and visitors seeking tranquility amidst the bustling city.

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