Moliceiro boat tours are a popular and enchanting way to explore the canals of Aveiro, Portugal. These traditional boats, reminiscent of Venetian gondolas, offer visitors a unique and leisurely experience, gliding through the picturesque waterways of the city.

The moliceiros were originally used for harvesting seaweed, known as “moliço,” which was used as fertilizer. Today, they serve as tourist attractions, providing a glimpse into Aveiro’s maritime heritage and offering a different perspective of the city.

Moliceiro Boat Tours

During the boat tours, visitors can admire the colorful facades of the buildings that line the canals, the charming bridges that span the waterways, and the lush vegetation that surrounds them. Knowledgeable boatmen share fascinating stories and historical facts about the city, making the journey informative and engaging.

The moliceiro boat tours also allow visitors to witness the traditional art of “ovos moles” being made. Ovos moles are sweet egg-based treats that are a local specialty of Aveiro. These confections are intricately shaped and decorated, showcasing the craftsmanship and culinary traditions of the region.

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Tourist Attractions In Aveiro

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