Mosteiro de Santa Clara-a-Nova, or the Monastery of Santa Clara-a-Nova, is a historic monastery located in Coimbra, Portugal. It was constructed in the 17th century as a replacement for the flood-prone Monastery of Santa Clara-a-Velha.

The monastery’s architecture combines elements of Renaissance and Baroque styles, showcasing intricate details, elegant facades, and beautiful interior spaces. It stands as a testament to the artistic and architectural achievements of the time.

The interior of Mosteiro de Santa Clara-a-Nova features stunning chapels, cloisters, and ornate decorations. The main chapel, dedicated to Saint Elizabeth of Portugal, is a marvel of religious artistry with its elaborate altar, paintings, and sculptures.

Visitors can explore the monastery’s cloisters, where tranquil courtyards and arcades create an atmosphere of serenity. The cloisters offer a glimpse into the daily life of the nuns who once inhabited the monastery.

One of the monastery’s notable features is the Tomb of Queen Isabel of Portugal. Queen Isabel was known for her acts of charity and is revered as a saint by the Catholic Church. The tomb is a significant pilgrimage site and a testament to her legacy.

Mosteiro de Santa Clara-a-Nova also houses a museum that displays religious artifacts, historical objects, and artwork related to the monastery’s history. The museum provides a deeper understanding of the monastery’s cultural and religious significance.

Visiting Mosteiro de Santa Clara-a-Nova allows visitors to immerse themselves in the rich history, art, and spirituality of Coimbra. It is a place of tranquility and contemplation, offering a glimpse into the city’s religious heritage.

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