The Omega Museum is a must-visit attraction for watch enthusiasts and history lovers in Biel/Bienne. Omega, one of Switzerland’s prestigious watchmaking brands, has a rich heritage dating back to 1848. The museum is located in the heart of Biel/Bienne and showcases the brand’s remarkable journey, innovations, and contributions to the world of horology.

Visitors to the Omega Museum can explore an extensive collection of vintage timepieces, iconic watches worn by historical figures, and groundbreaking innovations that have shaped the watchmaking industry. The museum also delves into the brand’s involvement in significant events, such as space exploration and the Olympics.

One of the highlights of the Omega Museum is the Speedmaster Exhibition, which pays tribute to the famous Omega Speedmaster, the first watch worn on the moon during the Apollo 11 mission. Visitors can also learn about the brand’s meticulous craftsmanship and precision in watchmaking.

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