Perth Arena, also known as RAC Arena due to a naming rights sponsorship, is a world-class entertainment and sports venue located in the heart of Perth’s central business district. It’s a cultural epicenter where locals and visitors gather to enjoy a wide range of live events and performances.

Perth Arena

Versatile Entertainment Venue: Perth Arena is designed to host a diverse array of events, from concerts and sporting events to comedy shows and family performances. It’s the go-to venue for both international and local artists.

Notable Concerts and Performances: Over the years, Perth Arena has welcomed some of the world’s biggest music stars and bands, making it a prime destination for music enthusiasts. It also hosts theatrical productions, comedy gigs, and large-scale events.

Sports Events: The arena is a significant hub for sports events, including basketball, tennis, and combat sports. It is the home court of the Perth Wildcats, a professional basketball team in the National Basketball League (NBL).

Premium Amenities: Perth Arena offers premium seating options, corporate suites, and a variety of food and beverage outlets, ensuring that visitors have a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Accessibility and Location: The venue is easily accessible via public transportation, with the Perth railway station and bus terminal located nearby. Its central location also means that it’s surrounded by restaurants, bars, and hotels.

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