The Portuguese Synagogue, also known as the Esnoga, stands as a testament to Amsterdam’s historic Jewish community and its enduring legacy. Situated in the heart of the Jewish Cultural Quarter, this majestic synagogue is a focal point for those interested in exploring the city’s Jewish heritage.

Built in the 17th century, the Portuguese Synagogue is a stunning example of Sephardic synagogue architecture. Its majestic interior features a central bimah (pulpit), intricate woodwork, and an aura of reverence that transports visitors to another era.

The synagogue is surrounded by courtyards and buildings that were once part of the complex, including the Ets Haim Library, which houses an impressive collection of ancient Hebrew manuscripts and texts.

Visitors to the Portuguese Synagogue can gain insights into Amsterdam’s Jewish history, culture, and religious practices. Whether you’re interested in architecture, history, or spirituality, the synagogue provides a window into a rich tapestry of traditions and stories.

Portuguese Synagogue

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