The Rebenweg Biel, or Biel Vineyard Trail, is a delightful hiking route that winds through the picturesque vineyards surrounding Biel/Bienne. This scenic trail offers a unique opportunity to explore the region’s wine culture, stunning landscapes, and panoramic views.

The trail meanders through terraced vineyards, charming villages, and verdant hills, providing hikers with an immersive experience in the local wine-growing traditions. Along the way, visitors can learn about the grape varieties cultivated in the area and the winemaking process that has been perfected over generations.

The Rebenweg Biel offers several vantage points where hikers can pause and admire the breathtaking scenery, including views of Lake Biel and the distant Alps. The trail is well-marked and accessible to hikers of various fitness levels, making it an ideal activity for families, couples, and solo travelers.

As hikers explore the vineyards, they may come across wineries and wine cellars, offering a chance to taste the region’s renowned wines and perhaps even meet the passionate winemakers themselves. The trail is not only an opportunity for outdoor recreation but also a cultural journey into the world of wine in the Biel/Bienne region.

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