The Rockhampton Riverside Walk and Markets offer a delightful experience along the Fitzroy River, combining scenic strolls with shopping and dining opportunities. This vibrant riverbank area is a popular gathering place for locals and tourists alike.

The Riverside Walk provides a picturesque path along the river, perfect for a leisurely stroll or a morning jog. Along the way, you can appreciate the natural beauty of the river, watch boats go by, and even try your hand at fishing. The walk is adorned with public art, making it an enriching experience for art enthusiasts.

On certain days, you can explore the Riverside Markets, where local vendors showcase their wares. From handcrafted goods and artwork to delicious street food, the markets offer a taste of the region’s culture and creativity. It’s a great place to pick up souvenirs or savor some local cuisine.

The Riverside Walk and Markets are a testament to Rockhampton’s community spirit and the beauty of the Fitzroy River.

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