Bangalore Palace is a landmark destination located in the heart of Bangalore city in the southern state of Karnataka, India. Built in the year 1887, this palace is one of the most iconic buildings in the city, and it attracts thousands of tourists every year.

The palace was originally constructed by the Wodeyar dynasty, the rulers of Mysore, and was later acquired by the British government in the early 1900s. Today, the palace is owned by the royal family of Mysore and is open to the public for viewing.

The palace is spread across a sprawling area of 45,000 square feet and is built in the Tudor-style architecture. The palace is a mix of Gothic and Indian styles of architecture, which makes it an interesting place to visit. The intricate woodwork, the impressive carvings, and the elegant furnishings make the palace a visual treat for visitors.

Bangalore Palace

One of the main attractions of the palace is the Durbar Hall, which is a grand hall that was used for formal occasions by the royal family. The hall is adorned with beautiful chandeliers, a rosewood piano, and exquisite paintings that showcase the rich heritage of the palace. The palace also houses an impressive collection of paintings, photographs, and other artifacts that offer a glimpse into the lifestyle of the royal family.

The palace grounds also feature a beautiful garden, which is spread across an area of 454 acres. The garden is home to a variety of plants, trees, and flowers, which makes it a popular spot for picnics and evening walks. The garden also features a lotus pond, a fountain, and a rose garden that add to its charm.

The palace is open to the public from 10 AM to 5:30 PM every day, and visitors can buy tickets at the entrance. The palace also hosts cultural events and concerts from time to time, which add to its appeal. Photography is allowed inside the palace, but visitors are not allowed to use flash.

Conclusion || Bangalore Palace

In conclusion, Bangalore Palace is a must-visit destination for anyone visiting Bangalore. Its unique architecture, impressive collection of artifacts, and serene gardens make it a popular spot for tourists and locals alike. Whether you are a history buff, an architecture enthusiast, or just someone looking for a peaceful retreat, Bangalore Palace is a place that should not be missed.

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