Athirappilly is a picturesque waterfall located in Thrissur district of Kerala. It is situated on the Chalakudy River, which originates in the Western Ghats and flows towards the Arabian Sea. The waterfall is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kerala and is also known as the “Niagara of India”. Here is a complete guide for tourists visiting Athirappilly.

When to Visit Athirappilly: The best time to visit Athirappilly is from September to January when the weather is pleasant and the monsoon season has just ended. During this time, the waterfall is in full force, and the surrounding greenery is lush and vibrant. However, it is important to note that the water flow might be restricted during the dry season from February to May.

How to Reach Athirappilly: Athirappilly is well-connected to the rest of Kerala by road, rail, and air.

By Air: The nearest airport is Cochin International Airport, which is around 55 kilometers away from Athirappilly.

By Rail: The nearest railway station is Chalakudy Railway Station, which is around 30 kilometers away from Athirappilly.

By Road: Athirappilly is well-connected to major cities in Kerala by road. You can take a bus or taxi from Cochin, Thrissur, or Palakkad.

Things to Do in Athirappilly:

  1. Visit the Athirappilly Waterfall: The main attraction of Athirappilly is the waterfall. It is a must-visit place for tourists who visit Kerala. The waterfall is around 80 feet high and is a sight to behold. You can spend some time here admiring the beauty of nature and taking in the fresh air.
  2. Trekking: Athirappilly offers many trekking options for adventure enthusiasts. You can trek through the forest to reach the top of the waterfall, which offers a panoramic view of the surroundings.
  3. Wildlife Safari: The Athirappilly-Vazhachal forest is home to a variety of flora and fauna. You can take a wildlife safari to explore the forest and spot animals like elephants, tigers, leopards, and sambar deer.
  4. Photography: Athirappilly is a paradise for photography enthusiasts. The waterfall and the surrounding landscape offer many opportunities to capture stunning photos.
  5. Visit Vazhachal Waterfall: Vazhachal Waterfall is another beautiful waterfall located near Athirappilly. It is around 5 kilometers away and is a popular tourist spot.

Where to Stay in Athirappilly: There are many options for accommodation in Athirappilly, ranging from budget to luxury. You can choose to stay in a hotel, resort, or homestay, depending on your budget and preference.

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Conclusion || Athirappilly

Conclusion: Athirappilly is a beautiful destination in Kerala that offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and adventure. It is an ideal place for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy some quiet time in the lap of nature. So, plan your visit to Athirappilly and experience the magic of this beautiful waterfall.

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