Spalentor, also known as the City Gate of Basel, is a well-preserved historical gate that once served as one of the main entrances to the medieval city of Basel. It is a significant architectural landmark and one of the last remaining gates from the city’s medieval fortifications.

The gate was built in the 14th century and was part of a defensive wall that encircled Basel. Spalentor features a distinctive red sandstone façade adorned with decorative sculptures and a tall, steeply pitched roof. It is a beautiful example of late Gothic architecture and a reminder of Basel’s rich history as a fortified city.

Today, Spalentor stands as a prominent symbol of Basel’s past and a connection to its medieval heritage. It is an excellent spot for history enthusiasts and photographers, offering a glimpse into the city’s architectural legacy.

The surrounding area near Spalentor is also charming, with narrow streets, quaint houses, and small shops, making it a delightful neighborhood to explore on foot.

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