Val-de-Travers is a scenic valley located in the Jura Mountains near Neuchâtel. Renowned for its unspoiled natural beauty and charming villages, the valley offers a delightful retreat for nature lovers and travelers seeking tranquility. The region is known for its lush forests, rolling hills, and sparkling waterfalls.

Visitors can embark on leisurely walks or more challenging hikes along the numerous trails that crisscross the valley, providing awe-inspiring views of the surrounding landscapes. The Areuse Gorges, a prominent attraction in Val-de-Travers, is a must-visit destination within the valley.

Apart from its natural wonders, Val-de-Travers is also famous for its absinthe heritage. The area was historically significant in the production of the famous green spirit, and visitors can learn about the fascinating history and distillation process of absinthe at local distilleries and museums.

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