Chhatra Sagar is a picturesque reservoir located near Pali district in Rajasthan, India. It is an artificial lake built in the late 19th century by Thakur Chhatra Singh of Nimaj. It is spread across an area of 10 sq. km and is surrounded by the Aravalli range of hills. Chhatra Sagar is a popular tourist destination in Rajasthan and is known for its scenic beauty, rich wildlife, and luxurious camping facilities.

The reservoir was initially built as a water conservation project for the village of Nimaj, but it has now been transformed into a luxury campsite for tourists. The campsite offers luxury tents and cottages that are well-equipped with all modern amenities such as attached washrooms, hot and cold water supply, air conditioning, and comfortable beds. The campsite also has a dining area that serves delicious Rajasthani cuisine and a variety of other Indian and continental dishes.

The best time to visit Chhatra Sagar is during the winter months from November to February when the weather is cool and pleasant. During this time, the lake is teeming with migratory birds such as cranes, pelicans, flamingos, and ducks. Visitors can take a jeep safari to explore the surrounding wildlife sanctuary and spot animals such as chinkara, blackbuck, and hyena.

Chhatra Sagar is also a great place for outdoor activities such as bird watching, hiking, and fishing. Visitors can take a boat ride on the lake and enjoy the serene beauty of the surroundings. The lake is well stocked with a variety of fish, including mahseer, catfish, and carp, making it an ideal spot for fishing enthusiasts.

Chhatra Sagar is an eco-friendly campsite that focuses on sustainable tourism. The campsite uses solar power for electricity, and the water is sourced from a nearby well. The campsite also has a vegetable garden that provides fresh produce for the meals served in the dining area.

Conclusion || Chhatra Sagar || Rajasthan

In conclusion, Chhatra Sagar is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for a peaceful and relaxing getaway amidst the serene beauty of nature. The luxury tents and cottages, the delicious food, the outdoor activities, and the rich wildlife make it a great place to visit with friends and family. With its focus on sustainable tourism, Chhatra Sagar is also an ideal destination for anyone looking to travel responsibly and minimize their impact on the environment.

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