Yaganti Temple is an ancient temple located in the Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh, India. It is situated in the Yerramala hills, about 70 kilometers from Kurnool city. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, and it is famous for its unique rock formations, beautiful architecture, and spiritual significance.

The Yaganti temple is one of the few temples in India where Lord Shiva is worshipped in the form of an idol instead of a lingam. The idol of Lord Shiva in the temple is believed to be swayambhu, which means self-manifested. The temple complex also houses a shrine of Goddess Parvati, the consort of Lord Shiva.

One of the unique features of the Yaganti temple is its natural rock formations. The temple is located in a cave, which is believed to be millions of years old. The cave is adorned with beautiful carvings, and the roof is adorned with natural stalactites and stalagmites, which add to the beauty of the temple.

The temple architecture follows the Dravidian style and is adorned with intricate carvings and sculptures. The temple complex also houses a large Nandi statue, which is made of a single stone and is believed to be growing in size.

Yaganti Temple || Andhra Pradesh

The Yaganti temple is also associated with many myths and legends. According to one legend, the temple was once the abode of Sage Agastya, who performed penance to Lord Shiva. The sage was blessed with a vision of Lord Shiva in the form of an idol, and he established the temple in its present location.

Another legend associated with the temple is that of the demon Tarakasura. It is believed that Tarakasura was defeated by Lord Kartikeya, the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, in a battle that took place in the Yaganti hills. As a result of the battle, the hills are also known as Vijayanagara hills.

The Yaganti temple is also famous for its annual Brahmotsavam festival, which is celebrated with great pomp and show. The festival attracts thousands of devotees from all over the country, who come to witness the grandeur and spiritual significance of the festival.

Conclusion || Yaganti Temple

In conclusion, Yaganti Temple is a unique and beautiful temple located in the Yerramala hills of Andhra Pradesh. The temple’s natural rock formations, beautiful architecture, and spiritual significance make it a popular destination for devotees and tourists alike. The temple’s association with many myths and legends adds to its allure and makes it a must-visit destination for those interested in exploring the rich culture and heritage of India.

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