Hukuru Miskiy, also known as the Old Friday Mosque, is a beautiful mosque located in the capital city of Maldives, Male. It is considered one of the oldest and most historically significant mosques in the Maldives, and is a must-visit destination for those interested in the country’s rich cultural heritage.

The mosque was built in 1656 during the reign of Sultan Ibrahim Iskandar I, and is made entirely of coral stone. The intricate carvings on the walls and the beautiful calligraphy on the wooden beams and door panels are truly remarkable. The mosque has a unique Maldivian architectural style, with a square prayer hall and a prominent dome at the center.

The mosque is surrounded by a graveyard, and the tombstones provide a fascinating insight into the history of the Maldives. Some of the tombstones date back to the 16th century, and are carved with intricate designs and inscriptions in the Thaana script.

Hukuru Miskiy Mosque || Maldives

The interior of the mosque is equally impressive. The prayer hall is simple but elegant, with a large prayer mat in the center and several wooden pillars supporting the roof. The walls are adorned with beautiful Islamic calligraphy and intricate carvings. The mihrab, or the niche in the wall that indicates the direction of Mecca, is made of beautiful white coral stone and is decorated with floral motifs.

Visitors to the mosque are required to dress modestly, and women are required to cover their heads. Shoes must be removed before entering the mosque.

The mosque is still in use today, and visitors can attend Friday prayers with the locals. It is a unique opportunity to witness the devotion and piety of the Maldivian people.

In addition to its religious significance, the Hukuru Miskiy mosque is also an important cultural landmark. It has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site, and is an important part of the Maldives’ rich cultural heritage.

Conclusion || Hukuru Miskiy Mosque

Overall, a visit to the Hukuru Miskiy mosque is a must for anyone interested in the history and culture of the Maldives. The mosque is a true testament to the country’s rich heritage, and is sure to leave a lasting impression on all who visit.

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