Hundur Monastery, also known as Deskit Monastery, is a popular tourist attraction located in the Nubra Valley of Kashmir. It is one of the oldest monasteries in the region and is home to several historic artifacts and relics. The monastery is known for its stunning architecture, beautiful location, and serene environment.

Location and Accessibility

Hundur Monastery is located in the Nubra Valley, which is approximately 120 kilometers from the city of Leh. Visitors can reach the monastery by hiring a taxi or taking a bus from Leh. The journey to the monastery is a scenic one, with stunning views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

History and Architecture

The Hundur Monastery was built in the 14th century and is believed to have been founded by Lama Sherab Zangpo. The monastery is known for its beautiful architecture, with a white and gold façade that is adorned with colorful prayer flags. The monastery has several prayer halls, each with its own unique architecture and design. The main prayer hall of the monastery is home to a 32-meter statue of Maitreya Buddha, which is one of the largest statues in the region.

Hundur Monastery

Tourist Attractions

Apart from the stunning architecture and beautiful location, Hundur Monastery offers several other tourist attractions. Visitors can explore the monastery’s collection of historic artifacts and relics, including ancient manuscripts, paintings, and sculptures. The monastery also has a library that houses several rare and ancient books. Visitors can also participate in the monastery’s daily rituals and ceremonies, which offer a glimpse into the region’s rich cultural heritage.

Tourist Facilities

There are several tourist facilities available at Hundur Monastery. Visitors can stay at one of the several guesthouses and lodges located in the surrounding area. The monastery also has a restaurant that serves local cuisine, and several tea shops that offer traditional Tibetan tea. Visitors can also purchase souvenirs and handicrafts from the local market.

Conclusion || Hundur Monastery

In conclusion, Hundur Monastery is a must-visit destination for tourists visiting Kashmir. Its stunning architecture, rich history, and serene environment make it a unique and unforgettable experience. The monastery offers several tourist attractions and facilities, making it a convenient and enjoyable destination for visitors. So, if you are planning a trip to Kashmir, make sure to add Hundur Monastery to your itinerary.

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