Shahjahan Garden, also known as Mehtab Bagh, is a beautiful Mughal garden located in Agra, India. It is situated on the opposite bank of the Yamuna River, providing a stunning view of the Taj Mahal. The garden was commissioned by Emperor Shah Jahan, who built it as a complement to the Taj Mahal.

Shahjahan Garden spans across a vast area and is meticulously designed with symmetrical pathways, lush green lawns, and numerous flowerbeds. It offers a serene and peaceful atmosphere, perfect for leisurely strolls and picnics. The garden is also adorned with beautiful fountains and water channels, adding to its click herecharm and aesthetic appeal.

The primary purpose of Shahjahan Garden is to provide an ideal viewing point for the Taj Mahal. Visitors can enjoy panoramic vistas of the iconic mausoleum from various angles. The garden is particularly famous for its sunset and sunrise views, as the changing colors of the sky create a magical ambiance against the backdrop of the Taj Mahal.

Shahjahan Garden || Agra

In addition to its picturesque setting, Shahjahan Garden has historical significance as well. It is believed that Emperor Shah Jahan intended to construct a Black Taj Mahal on the grounds of this garden, mirroring the white marble beauty of the Taj. However, the plans were never realized, and only the foundation remains today.

Visiting Shahjahan Garden offers a unique perspective on the Taj Mahal. It provides an opportunity to appreciate the architectural brilliance of the monument from a distance while enjoying the tranquility of the garden. The vast expanse of greenery and the Yamuna River flowing alongside create a serene environment, making it an ideal retreat for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts.

Shahjahan Garden

When planning a visit to Agra, Shahjahan Garden should be on the itinerary for those seeking a different viewpoint of the Taj Mahal. Whether it’s a leisurely walk, a romantic picnic, or capturing breathtaking photographs, this garden offers an enchanting experience that complements the grandeur of the Taj Mahal.

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