The EYE Filmmuseum is a haven for cinephiles and art enthusiasts, dedicated to the celebration of cinema and the art of moving images. Located on the northern bank of the IJ river, the museum’s striking architectural design and panoramic views make it a distinctive landmark on Amsterdam’s waterfront.

The museum houses an extensive collection of films, movie-related artifacts, and historical documents that span the history of cinema. From classic films to experimental works, visitors can explore the diverse world of filmmaking and its impact on culture and society.

The EYE Filmmuseum offers a variety of experiences, including screenings, exhibitions, and interactive displays. Its focus on both past and contemporary cinema ensures that visitors can engage with a wide range of cinematic genres and styles.

In addition to its exhibitions, the EYE Filmmuseum hosts film festivals, retrospectives, and special events that showcase the art of storytelling through moving images.

EYE Filmmuseum

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